Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Foggy morning on the Florida Trail: White Springs

If I am not mistaken, this is the Little Shoals section of the Florida Trail at White Springs. It was nice and cool, and the river took on a mysterious quality under a veil of morning mist. 

When the fog lifted, we were left in a world of bright, springtime green. There was new growth everywhere to be seen. I love the flowers of spring as much as the next person, but this 'newly-spring' look really speaks to me -- it speaks of the promise of all good things to come. It's altogether enchanting to behold a season in its infancy.

My hiking companions and I were chatting, laughing, and making a general ruckus, so we didn't see much in the way of larger wildlife, but I managed to scout a couple of brightly-accented insects; just look at those colors! Bugs are awesome.

Thus ends the saga of my visit to White Springs. I'll update the blog if I ever do return to that area, but with so many other places to see, who knows where my feet and wheels will take me?

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