Friday, May 16, 2014


In 2007, I had a wonderful opportunity to experience Scotland during what was probably the most perfect week -- weather-wise -- the country had seen all year. So many little details of that trip are now lost to time, but I still have my photos to remind me of where we went, what I learned, and how I got to see first-hand how another culture lives.

St Andrews castle ruins

We visited St. Andrews castle (above, and below on the left) and Cathedral (below right). Both places were in ruins; the castle had been built and destroyed several times throughout its life, and finally succumbed to ruin when orders were given to take materials from the castle walls to repair a nearby pier.

St Andrews ruins, entranceSt Andrews cathedral ruins, cemetery

The cathedral shared a similar fate; during the Scottish reformation, its altars were stripped and icons removed. It was subsequently abandoned and left to its own slow decay. St. Andrews Cathedral was eventually scavenged for building materials.

"Nemo Me Impune Lacessit" -- no one attacks me with impunity. This gorgeous reminder is mounted above the entrance to Edinburgh Castle. 

Edinburgh architecturepossibly my favorite building in Edinburgh ;)

 My sister's choir performed in a number of cathedrals, castles, and halls in Scotland. The acoustics made every song ethereal. It was a pleasure to hear over and over again.

I hope I can recover more of the photos from this trip; they're on one of my many SD cards. If I find them, I'll either add to this post or create a new one to share the rest of my story.

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