Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Mount Rainier snow day

On one of the days I spent at Mount Rainier National Park, I ended up near what I think was Tipsoo Lake - it was difficult to tell because it was under a layer of snow and ice. I decided to get out of the van and play in the snow. 

The temperatures were actually quite pleasant despite the heavy blanket of snow, and before long, I was actually sweating in my T-shirt from the exertion of moving through all of that hard-packed snow. It was ridiculously fun.

The melting ice at this elevation had a ghostly blue tint to it that was pleasing to behold. The sky above was a darker mirror of the water below - a rich, deep blue, accented here and there by wispy clouds and the omnipresence of Mount Rainier. I swear, every time I turned a corner, it was there, and it was surprisingly massive.

This park is so great. Get yourself a National Parks Pass and visit it was much as you can. Explore the trails, marvel at the sights, and be still and observe. The experience is priceless.

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