Friday, June 27, 2014

Hontoon Island adventure

I visited my little sister in Orlando in February this year, and we set of on a series of adventures together. That's her in the top photo; she is in school to become a yoga instructor.

The first place we visited was Hontoon Island State Park, a large island situated on the St. John's River, accessible only via personal watercraft or the park's complimentary ferry. We decided to wander the 3 miles of trails, take some photos, and in my sister's case, do yoga on every available surface. ;)

The trees were all covered in a thick blanket of moss, which happened to be blooming while we were there. All of those tiny blossoms were a delight to behold.

 The wildlife on the island is on the small side, but plentiful. Spiders, butterflies, and birds were scattered in prolific number throughout the park. We ran into a snoozing snake as well as several armadillos.

We had a lot of fun; perhaps it would be nice to return one day to do some camping.

Catch you later!

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