Thursday, June 26, 2014

Moseying through Missouri

I started up my van and disembarked on June 11 on an almost month-long journey across the United States. The things I've seen and done in this short time have been life-changing. There are so many stories to share that this bog may never run out of content. ;)

 One day, while driving through Missouri, I decided to stop at one of the states many so-called "conservation areas." [So-called because these areas are generally designed for hunting and fishing; not something you'd generally associate with conservation.] The area was actually quite nice, however. Nothing terribly remarkable happened here; it was a lovely day spent watching bees and birds (guinea fowl, Canada geese, and a few other species I couldn't identify) and meeting this colorful little turtle:

I'll have more (interesting!) blog posts on this journey soon. I'm just getting the hang of grabbing wi-fi on the go. Be patient with me! In the meantime, I will continue to schedule posts about my old adventures.

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