Monday, July 7, 2014

The Road to Yellowstone

I know I've already mentioned how much I love Wyoming -- but I love Wyoming. It's a geological, historical, and natural goldmine. I made many stops on the way to Yellowstone National Park; there's something amazing to gawk at around every turn.

The formation you see in the first two photos is known as Crowheart Butte. Here's what it says on that sign:

"In March, 1866, a battle was fought in this vicinity between Shoshone and Bannock Indians on one side and Crow Indians on the other.
The contest was waged for the supremacy of hunting grounds in the Wind River basin. Crowheart Butte was so named because the victorious Washakie, Chief of The Shoshones, displayed a Crow Indian's heart on his lance at the war dance after the battle. The major portion of the battle was fought near Black Mountain, several miles to the north.
Washakie, in his youth and middle age, was a very mighty warrior. He was a wise chief and friendly to the white people. No white man's scalp hung in his teepee."
 That's pretty brutal.

The road wound through a dizzying array of rock formations of all shapes, sizes, and colors. There were dozens of turn-outs along the road to allow one to stretch one's legs and get a good look at the landscape. I took a photo of these gorgeous red rocks with the van in it and one without:

I also spent some time poking around -- if I recall correctly -- the Wind River basin. It was indescribably beautiful. 

I have many, many more photos of this area and the subsequent adventures, so more posts are coming soon!

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