Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The Van

I already started putting up the insulation before I realized that I hadn't taken any photos. You can see the first layer done on the roof. I'm using old scraps of Reflectix to start the walls while amazon.com takes its sweet time sending me the rest of the rolls I ordered.

Already, this conversion is proving to be so much smoother than the first one I did years ago. It truly helps to know what one is doing. If you want to do your own camper van conversion, I cannot stress highly enough the importance of doing your research. Watch YouTube videos, subscribe to blogs, search for web sites on the topic. You also might want to become familiar with basics on construction, plumbing, and gain a general understanding of how electricity systems work -- even if you don't end up installing any of these things yourself. Knowledge is power.

I'll be sure to add a post to the blog with any further updates on the conversion. In the meantime, here's a "bonus lizard;" this cheeky fellow lives in a Christmas cactus outside my front door.

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