Sunday, April 27, 2014

Van Update

The van's come a long way. I put up another batch of insulation, leaving me with two layers of reflectix and some styrofoam board sandwiched in between. The difference in sound-deadening and temperature control is incredible. I still have to insulate the doors, but that's a minor project that I'll tackle later.

I picked up some cheap foam-rubber interlocking flooring from Costco and started the installation thereof. I also completed the bed this weekend! My storage bins ended up fitting in there perfectly, side-by-side, and with enough room left over for AGM battery storage. The top of the bed opens to the front, allowing full access of the interior storage.

I ended up making the bed narrower, and leaving some space between the bed and the back doors. I will use that space for more storage as well as enabling me to carry a bike inside. I'm happy with the change.

There I am, flushed of face and exhausted after spending the whole weekend tackling various projects in the van.

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